Australian TV personality Sonia Kruger to face tribunal over comment about Muslims

Australian TV personality Sonia Kruger to face tribunal over comment about Muslims, by Kate Halfpenny.

High-profile TV star Sonia Kruger will face a directions hearing next month after failing to have a racial vilification complaint made against her dismissed.

On July 18, 2016, an emotional Kruger, 52, kicked off a social media storm by telling Nine’s Today show viewers that Australia’s borders should be closed to Muslims.

While discussing a newspaper article written by News Corp’s Andrew Bolt, Kruger said she agreed that the columnist “has a point here, that there is a correlation between the number of people who, you know, are Muslim in a country and the number of terrorist attacks.

“Now, I have a lot of very good friends who are Muslims, who are peace-loving, who are beautiful people, but there are fanatics.

“Personally, I would like to see [Muslim immigration] stopped now for Australia.

“Because I want to feel safe, as all of our citizens do, when they go out to celebrate Australia Day.” …

Our legal system encourages this:

A complaint against her July 18 comments was made by Sam Ekermawi, a Muslim living in Australia who claimed the Nine Network vilified “ethnic Muslim Australians”.

Late on Tuesday, the Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused Nine’s application to have the complaint dismissed without a hearing.

Mr Ekermawi has been involved in 32 hearings before courts and tribunals, 22 of them related to vilification complaints, according to evidence heard by the tribunal. …

It is unlawful under the Anti-Discrimination Act for a person, by a public act, to incite hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule of a person or people on the ground of race.

Christine Douglass Williams:

Many Westerners appear not to realize that democracy is finished once the freedom of speech is gone.

Kruger said nothing “racist.” Once again, Islam is not a race. Jihad is not a race. She clearly had no racial intentions: in stating that Australia’s borders should be closed to Muslims, she spoke of the reality of Muslim attacks on infidels, from rapes to jihad murder. …

The alternative to heeding Kruger’s words is that like many countries in Europe, Australia will now get used to spiraling crime, jihad attacks, no-go zones, sharia patrols, mass Muslim prayers in the streets, calls to prayer on loudspeakers that declare Islam above all religions, sharia courts, and the like. All the while, infidels must shut their mouths and bear it all, because it is now considered a crime to insult Islam.

hat-tip Stephen Neil