The silencing of UK schoolteachers is out of control

The silencing of UK schoolteachers is out of control, by Gareth Sturdy.

My friend Aisling discovered the power of the blob firsthand just after the Brexit vote. Around 70 per cent of teachers were estimated to be pro-EU. Once Aisling’s primary-school colleagues found out she had voted Leave, she had to stop going to the staffroom because of the daily haranguing she received. She started sitting in the IT room instead, until the day she was ‘forced out’ and ‘pursued from room to room by the IT manager’. ‘The sense of consensus was total’, she says.

When press stories claimed that Brexit had led to a rise in hate crimes in schools, Aisling began to fear for her career. The more she tried to explain that her reasons for voting Leave were innocent, the more she was putting her job in jeopardy. Other teachers were making her out to be a racist — and therefore a danger to children. She left the school soon after.

At least she didn’t become a political prisoner, like Tommy Robinson.