The Anti-Western History Curriculum

The Anti-Western History Curriculum, by Augusto Zimmerman.

Australia has a history curriculum that covers students from Years 7 to 10. It was originally designed by Stuart Macintyre, a history professor and ex-member of the Communist Party of Australia. Not only does it push for moral relativism and multiculturalism, it also promotes a radical agenda that is negative towards Christianity but positive towards Islam as well as the Green ideology and other politically correct causes embraced by the radical Left.

Focused heavily on topics such as multiculturalism and indigenous culture, the curriculum places indigenous and Asian ways of seeing the world into almost every conceivable subject. This curriculum contains 118 references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and history. While there can be no doubt that this forms a relevant aspect of Australia’s history, it should not be included at the expense of our country’s predominantly Western values and culture.

This curriculum fails miserably to recognise the impact of Western civilisation in shaping Australia’s cultural, legal, economic and political development. Rather than acknowledging that ours is predominantly a Western nation, in terms of language, legal institutions and history, the curriculum goes on to define Australia as multicultural in terms of a “diversity of values and principles”. There is no mention whatsoever of fundamental concepts such as separation of powers and the Westminster system of constitutional government. It makes only a brief reference to Parliament and none to some of the most significant events in Western history, including the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights.

hat-tip Stephen Neil