Inclusive of anything other than ourselves at universities

Inclusive of anything other than ourselves at universities, by Chris Kenny.

The vice-chancellor called the meeting to order.

“In deference to Ramadan,” she started, “there are no pastries, juice or coffee. Also, I acknowledge we meet on indigenous land. We respect elders past and present and their spiritual connection with the land. Out of respect for Mother Earth and the spirit of Gaia we are carbon-neutral today with no ­artificial light. Please ensure your computers and phones are switched off. Let’s proceed.”

“Perhaps we should also start with a prayer,” suggested Simon, the science department head. Heads swivelled in his direction. He smirked.

“Oh, for a moment I thought you were serious,” gasped the vice-chancellor. “Now, the first item is the proposal from the Thatcher Centre for Western Civilisation to establish a unit here.” …

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