What Rotherham means

What Rotherham means, by Hal Colebatch.

The revelations of unhindered Muslim sex-trafficking of thousands of young girls in British towns, including Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford, are so gross and shocking, so monstrous, and on such a scale as to actually make response or comment difficult, except to point out that they display Britain – or a significant part of it – as a failed and broken culture.

The most shocking aspect, of course, is the craven failure on a staggering scale of the very institutions part of whose raison d’être is precisely to prevent such things: the police, the social work industries, the local government bodies, and probably, at least in some cases, parents (certainly some parents seem to have done their best, and quite properly approached the authorities, only to be ignored).

The sickening, Eloi-like passivity with which the police and social-workers behaved for fear of being accused of racism indicates mass cowardice and moral corruption on a scale again difficult to describe. The more that is revealed about this scandal the worse it seems. It is not too much to call it the worst British public/political scandal in modern history. …

A society that cannot protect its fertile young women will die. Or perhaps it has already died in some sense, which is why it didn’t protect them but let outsiders ravage them.

These sickening episodes show that at least a part of the Muslim (largely Pakistani) population, which England has been importing wholesale, regard British society — and here one of its most vulnerable sub-groups — with contempt and hatred. To suggest it arises out of cultural differences, for example a belief that all revealingly-clad girls and women are prostitutes, is pernicious nonsense. The criminals concerned had lived in England for years and knew perfectly well that this was not the case. The girls were silenced by drugs, beatings, and threats to themselves and their families. …

It does not take great genius to know that sexual abuse of a child will affect a child’s entire future unless appropriate therapy (if such a thing exists) is forthcoming. The sexual abuse of white children by non-white men on this industrial scale can only, in a country like Britain, be motivated by anti-white racist hatred and a desire to degrade and humiliate the children concerned as representatives of Western civilisation.

It is not as if the children were all unprotesting: there were many protests and reports to police, council and social workers which produced no results. …

What a successful society would do:

No one seems to have suggested that one way to stop the mass abuse would be stiff prison sentences followed by deportation, and a swag of civil actions against the authorities, coupled with career-termination with forfeiture of pensions for public officers who failed in their plain duty.

hat-tip Stephen Neil