International aid agencies in Africa wide food-for-sex scandal

International aid agencies in Africa wide food-for-sex scandal, by Sean O’Neill.

The Times has obtained a copy of the 84-page document produced by research teams working in refugee camps in west Africa for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Save the Children in 2001. It identified more than 40 aid organisations “whose workers are alleged to be in sexually exploitative relationships with refugee children”. …

Women in a camp in Guinea told the research team: “In this community no one can get corn soya blend [a staple foodstuff] without having sex first. They say ‘a kilo for sex’.” …

Many parents told the research team that the only way “to make ends meet” in the camps was to allow a teenage daughter to be exploited. “If your family does not have a girl, your family is in crisis,” one woman in Sierra Leone said.

2001? How come we didn’t hear about this earlier?

The full 84-page report was submitted to the management of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2002 but has never been published, perhaps because its identification of so many agencies was considered too damaging to a sector that depends on public donations.

Lefties protecting their own perhaps? After all, there are leftie jobs on the line.

Makes the sexual miscreants in the Catholic Church look like complete amateurs.

The media is ALL over the Catholic Church — why doesn’t it even mention the much worse behavior of the NGOs?

If you realize that the job of the media is to make the left look good, it all makes sense.

hat-tip Mikael