Immigration divides us and the bygone eras were better, say Britons young and old

Immigration divides us and the bygone eras were better, say Britons young and old, by RT. Study by Sky Data and Demos.

Life in the UK was better in eras gone by, say two thirds of Britons. A new study shows that even younger generations think we’re now worse off, while 71% of the population think immigration has caused division across the UK.

The study, conducted by Sky Data with the think tank Demos, found citizens have been alienated by profound social, economic and cultural changes – and subsequently attracted towards nostalgic political messages as a result.

Demos’ report stated that “the cost of mainstream politicians failing to respond to these developments may well be our societies becoming more exclusionary and less communal, underpinned by a more desperate, dangerous form of social competition – in short, the imperiling of our liberal democracies.”

Yep. What, the globalists didn’t see that coming? It’s PC versus realists, yet again:

The study showed that immigration had the population divided – 36% of Britons believed immigration has been good for the communities in which they have settled, or 40% who believe it was bad. There were, somewhat unsurprisingly, stark differences across political divides. Both Remainers and Labour voters were more likely to say immigration had had a positive effect, whereas Conservatives and Leave voters were more likely to say it was negative.

hat-tip Stephen Neil