Can Americans without health insurance get all of the care they need in Canada?

Can Americans without health insurance get all of the care they need in Canada? By Philip Greenspun.

Could this be the solution to our country’s healthcare funding issues? Americans who need an expensive procedure walk across the border, ask for asylum, and then get admitted to a hospital in Montreal.

Wait, maybe not. John Bennett:

I’m Canadian, and *I* can’t even get all of the care I need in Canada. Waiting times for non-emergency procedures are abysmal. Family doctors are rationed, and are in short supply in major centers. My wife blew out the meniscus in her knee last fall, and we were scheduled for an MRI in March 2018, six months later. Insanity. We drove across the border to Buffalo and paid $400 for one. Surgery was indicated, but no specialist was able to give us a definitive date: “Get in line” is the answer. We chose to drive to the Cleveland Clinic, about five hours away from our home in Hamilton, Ontario, and had the surgery done on our schedule. Fantastic service, and the price was fair.

There is so much propaganda about the Canadian health care system, but it’s incapable of keeping up with demand … and will only become worse. My smug left-leaning friends claim Canada is superior to the US because of universal health care. My response is that access to a waiting list is not access to health care.

I wonder where Australia rates compared to those two systems? The US spends twice as much of its GNP on healthcare as Canada and Australia.

hat-tip Matthew