In Defense of Degeneracy

In Defense of Degeneracy, by Jim Goad.

I stopped identifying as a leftist nearly three decades ago for two primary reasons: 1) the left’s main premises were counterfactual and ran purely on the fumes of raw emotion; 2) the formerly freewheelin’, free-lovin’, live-and-let-live left had become a viper’s nest of poisonously hysterical neo-Puritans who merely bartered old hang-ups about saying “tits” and “fuck” for new ones about saying “nigger” and “tranny” and “bitch.”

The left can’t be defended with facts because trannies aren’t women, the genders are biologically different, and due to evolution’s pesky implications, the races aren’t anywhere close to equal.

I suspect that since the facts aren’t favorable to leftists of the fanatical type, they revert to moral hysteria to prop up and enforce their narrative.

What I hate about leftists isn’t merely that they’re factually dead wrong — anyone with more than one brain cell knows that the idea of innate equality is preposterous — it’s that they became so drunk on their pretensions of moral irreproachability, they developed a malignantly entitled arrogance that sees fit to hector and needle and hurt anyone who offends them.

At some point in the late eighties, they began reminding me of the bitter nuns in the early seventies who smacked me around in the name of an allegedly loving God. As I said in my latest book, the resolutely anti-Christian New Left had ironically morphed into The New Church Ladies. …

Although many of my beliefs have changed over the years — it’s good to change your views when better views come along — I am ideologically consistent in the sense that at any given moment, I’m going to side with whoever isn’t behaving like a pious, meddlesome pain in the ass. …

That’s not the same thing as being nihilistic or unethical, mind you. The main difference between an ethical person and a moralist is that an ethical person doesn’t feel the need to constantly SHOUT IN PUBLIC about how righteous they are and how others are morally defective by comparison and therefore should probably be punished and so should you if you don’t march alongside them in their malicious crusade of scalding hellfire.