Harvard Policy Forces Male, Female Choirs to Accept Opposite Genders

Harvard Policy Forces Male, Female Choirs to Accept Opposite Genders, by Joel Pollack.

The Harvard Glee Club, the oldest collegiate choir in the nation, will open its membership to women, following new rules by the Harvard College administration that penalize students for joining same-sex organizations.

The Glee Club has been all-male since its founding in 1858. A companion all-female choir, the Radcliffe Choral Society, was established at neighboring Radcliffe College in 1899, and has continued to perform since Radcliffe was merged into Harvard.

Almost all western choral music is written for separate vocal parts — soprano and alto, for women; and tenor, baritone, and bass, for men. There are occasionally men who sing alto and women who sing tenor, but these are rare exceptions.

For centuries, choral music has made use of the biological differences between men and women to create harmonies — and to create unique sounds, in the case of music written for single-gender choirs.

There is already a mixed choir at Harvard, the Harvard Radcliffe Collegium Musicum.

Very logical. After all, men and women are the same except for reproductive bits, according to the PC narrative. Reality be damned.

Reader Andrea:

As a musician I just find this unbelievable! What’s next? I guess the 10 Tenors better watch out…

hat-tip Andrea