Luke Foley ‘white flight’ hysteria overshadows facts of the matter

Luke Foley ‘white flight’ hysteria overshadows facts of the matter, by Graham Richardson.

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley bought all hell upon himself by describing the exodus of many long-term residents of the Sydney suburb of Fairfield as “white flight”.

He was referring to those who were leaving the suburb as the bulk of the 12,000 Syrian refugees entering Australia are finishing up in this one Sydney suburb.

Foley’s main purpose was to highlight the awful truth that no real effort was being made to build the infrastructure to service this rapid influx of refugees. No new hospitals or schools are being built for them. No green space is being created for recreational activities in an area where every square centimetre is already occupied.

Once he used that phrase though, his main point was lost as the cries of “racist” erupted from all the usual suspects.

hat-tip Stephen Neil