Time to Say “No” To Trans Madness and the Assault on Our Children

Time to Say “No” To Trans Madness and the Assault on Our Children, by Susie O’Brien.

Victorian councils are auditing libraries, schools and kindergartens and urging a ban on the terms “boy” and “girl” in a bid to teach kids as young as three to have “gender equitable relationships”. City of Melbourne is among a number of local authorities responding to radical new research that suggests educators should:

  • AVOID classifying children according to gender and having boys-only and girls-only activities;
  • AVOID use of the terms boys and girls and to “minimise the extent to which gender is labelled”; and
  • AVOID comments that define what females or males do or should do.

Bill Muehlenberg comments:

The activists and their supporters are always telling us to relax and ease up — they insist that what they want will have no impact on anyone else. They tell us that what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is not the business of anyone else.

They say nothing will change when things like homosexual marriage are legalised. They accuse us of being alarmists and fear-mongers. They tell us to just shut up because they are entitled to do what they want, and we should just butt out since it will have no impact on us.

Yeah right. These are among the biggest lies being thrown around by the militants. They know perfectly well that EVERYTHING changes when they start seeing items on their bucket list being realised. We are ALL impacted by their social engineering. We are ALL affected by the radical ideologies they are ramming down everyone’s throats.

Every day we find more proof of this. Every day we see the activists making more frightful demands. Every day we see them getting bolder in their attacks on faith, family and freedom. …

Their non-stop insanity never relaxes nor diminishes, but only gets worse. And it is not just a few cranks or kooks pushing all this, but all sort of “respectable” types in high places: leaders, educators, bureaucrats, politicians and others who have way too much power and influence.

hat-tip Stephen Neil