Richard Dawkins tells Andrew Bolt what he is not allowed to ask

Richard Dawkins tells Andrew Bolt what he is not allowed to ask, by Andrew Bolt.

Got to protect that PC image to keep the money rolling in to his shows. Andrew Bolt might spoil his PC image by asking … well almost anything that Bolt would like to ask.

We’ve seen public figures vary off the PC orthodoxy, thinking it’s harmless because they are just telling the truth. Not a bit of it. They get told off on Twitter by the PC crowd, then the media never mentions them again (much). Silenced. If they make a living from speaking and public appearances then their livelihood is trashed, because few dare risk the wrath of the PC mob by inviting them to any mainstream event.

A small but noisy and pushy PC crowd have learned to manipulate what the public finds out and what is said in public.

Not that Dawkins is interesting nowadays. We went and saw his show in Perth. The four of us independently came to the same conclusion — one giant disappointment.

The format was the laziest imaginable — just sitting on stage responding to questions from some ABC personality, who never followed up or pressed in the slightest when Dawkins did not answer a question. While excellent on anything relating to genetics, his views on religion were juvenile and uninformed. The audience loved the offhand PC views thrown out as asides. A quarter of the audience gave him a standing ovation at the end — how embarrassing, really just applauding themselves for their own “virtuous” views.

By the way, the seats were not inexpensive. This was a major exercise in maximizing revenue for the least effort. (Many thanks to the reader who shouted us to come along with them to the talk.)

Joanne Nova adds:

Dawkins has suddenly realized that he is standing on the precipice — he’s had a golden run of being the left’s pet intellectual idol. But talking about Islam honestly has triggered the trap door. At this point usually the innocents fall into the deplorable pit, never suspecting that all the loyalty and stardom they thought they earned from the Left could be whipped away in a moment when they broke a sacred rule.

Yesterday was the point that Dawkins must have realized if he appeared on Bolt he could only lose. In a panic in the last hours and with one foot in the pit he tried to find some safe ground they could discuss. To no avail.

For him strategically the mockery from not-appearing is nothing compared to what could have happened had he been forced to answer real questions.

I wrote about this phenomenon years ago — that moment when a naive believer asks an unpermitted question and gets thrown in the pit.