What’s a few billion more for social justice?

What’s a few billion more for social justice? By Daniel Greenfield.

All the plans to fight homelessness only attracted more homeless. That’s the reality behind the mysterious massive increase in the homeless population. Whether it’s in Los Angeles or New York, when lefties begin a major campaign to fight homelessness, the number of homeless suddenly increases.

There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon, including newfound motives by activist groups to discover more homeless once there’s a funding bonanza. And the programs bring in homeless from outside the area or incentivize people who aren’t homeless to claim the status to get the benefits. …

The “undefeatable spout” manifests itself in lefty social welfare programs. The spout bursts forth because individual maladjustment is treated as a social problem that is the fault of society. Subsidizing the misbehavior makes it worse while corruption and incompetence gobble up the cash. The amounts actually needed outstrip expectations. And the problem is never solved because it’s never addressed.

Instead it’s enabled, coddled, subsidized, encouraged and transformed into a proud victim identity. And a few years later, it’s even worse than ever. But what’s a few billion more for social justice?