Why Trump Tweets

Why Trump Tweets, by John Hinderaker.

When I talk to Trump-haters, invariably the first thing they cite against him is his tweets. And, in truth, they have sometimes been impolitic. But on the whole, I think Twitter has helped him. This Associated Press news story illustrates why. …

Everyone who pays attention knows that the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with unknown (and possibly fictitious) Russians, through the Perkins, Coie law firm and Fusion GPS, to fabricate smears against Donald Trump. On the other hand, it is clear that neither Mueller nor anyone else has evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign (unlike Perkins, Coie) colluded with Russians. And, while the details are still unknown, it is blindingly obvious that the FBI, and in all likelihood the CIA, not only spied on the Trump campaign but colluded with the Clinton campaign to spread the lies that were generated by the Clinton campaign through Fusion GPS.

Of course, the AP has never reported any of this. To them, it is “a theory that is circulating in conservative circles.” …

What’s funny is that the AP, having introduced the fact that an FBI informant spied on the Trump campaign as “a theory that is circulating in conservative circles,” now more or less admits that it appears to be true:

The New York Times reported separately this week that at least one government informant met several times with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, both former foreign policy advisers on Trump’s Republican campaign. The newspaper attributed the information to current and former FBI officials.

In a tweet Thursday, Trump cited the National Review article suggesting that the FBI source was really a “confidential informant in the campaign.”

“If so, this is bigger than Watergate!” he tweeted.

If true, it is 1,000 times bigger than Watergate. But until now, wild horses couldn’t have pulled the facts that have been steadily emerging about the real scandals of the 2016 election out of the AP.

Why does the AP grudgingly cover them now? Because they were tweeted by President Trump.

The media is very biased in favor of the globalist PC left, and against everyone else. Obviously they hate Trump. So if Trump relied on the media to get his message out then he would appear ineffective, weak and stupid. The media simply amplify and repeat anything he says that appears dopey, but ignore his good points, things they disagree with but are sensible, or just what he wants to talk about. Just like happened to, say, George Bush or Tony Abbott.

Trump’s tweets bypass the media stranglehold.