The cold, crushing claws of the cultural left

The cold, crushing claws of the cultural left, by Tim Blair.

I don’t mean to offer any wild or unfounded generalisations here, but absolutely everything leftists get their ruinous, destructive hands on eventually degenerates into a raging hell-swamp of idiocy and incompetence.

Unfair? Let’s run through the list:

Weather. In more sensible times, an oddly hot or unusually chilly day might have been the subject of a passing conversation with a neighbour. “Bit warm today,” you’d say, or “Cold one last night.” Now weather is political. Any temperature anomalies are presented as a reason to ban coal and tax air. …

The Liberal Party. It’s a living example of my friend John O’Sullivan’s celebrated law: “All organisations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.” Remarkably, this process is now so complete within the Liberals that Malcolm Turnbull isn’t even the most left-leaning among them.

Electricity. By rights, Australians should pay next to nothing for electricity. We have all the resources needed to generate reliable power at almost negligible cost. So why are ordinary households copping four-figure power bills? Because meddlesome renewables-addled leftists demand it be so.

The list continues: social media, the ABC, Australian comedy, Australian films, Australian music, Australian books … all previously worthwhile, now reduced to common leftist puke bins.

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