Actress arrives at anti-gun protest surrounded by armed guards

Actress arrives at anti-gun protest surrounded by armed guards, by Taki Theodoracopulos.

Alyssa Milano is a female performer perhaps best known for her energetic and scintillating 1988 dance video “Teen Steam.”

On May 4 she attended an anti-NRA protest in Dallas to show her opposition to all those NRA members who have gone on mass shootings in recent years, even though if you want to get all technical and factual and autistic about it, no NRA members have ever gone on mass shootings and most gun murders are committed by people who don’t legally possess the guns in the first place.

Of course, Milano wasn’t going to mix with the plebs without being surrounded by a retinue of armed guards. In fact, many of the most vocal-anti-gun activists refuse to go out in public unless they’re protected by a phalanx of armed guards, because otherwise they might become victims of one of those NRA mass shooters you keep hearing about in the news.

When too much hypocrisy is never enough.