Trump’s chaotic style is starting to make sense

Trump’s chaotic style is starting to make sense, by Michael Walsh.

From its start, the Trump administration has been plagued by charges of “chaos.” From the revolving door of senior staffers … to the president’s brash and sometimes boorish personal style, to his politically incorrect taunt-tweeting, Donald Trump has refused to conform to his political opponents’ conventional notions of what constitutes an effective White House operation.

And yet, the economy is humming, hosts of regulations have been rolled back, the unemployment rate is down, job openings are soaring, taxes have been cut and black joblessness is at an all-time low. Prototypes for the wall along the Mexican border are being tested, raids by ICE are rounding up dangerous illegal aliens and the “travel ban” against several Muslim nations was argued last month before the Supreme Court, where the president’s authority over immigration will be upheld.

In foreign affairs, the two Koreas are talking to each other, with a summit between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un slated for June in Singapore, the ISIS “caliphate” has been effectively destroyed and just last week Trump yanked the carpets out from under the Iranian mullahs and canceled the nuclear deal negotiated — but never submitted to the Senate for ratification — by the Obama administration.

In short, this has been the most effective administration since FDR’s first term. And it’s being accomplished in the teeth of the so-called “resistance,” which includes the overt hostility of nearly all the mainstream media, the embedded civil service, the Democrats, the never-Trump Republicans, rogue elements of the intelligence and investigative agencies and Robert Mueller’s investigation into charges of “collusion” with the Russians.

Maybe it’s not “chaos”. Maybe the swamp just don’t understand what is going on:

Commenter jeffkinnh:

What we see with Trump is the speed of business. Politicians, media, the bureaucracy, political hangers on have no concept of how to deal with something moving like this or this fast. By the time they realize something is happening and they react, Trump has won and moved on to the next thing. They cannot keep up and they don´t understand. They pontificate on how Trump should act and he is 10 moves ahead of them.

This is a case study on why government is ineffective and inefficient and why business gets things done and accomplishes amazing things. What the snobs see as chaos is the creative destruction process of enterprise at work.

The key thing to the public is, it´s not the process, it´s the result that matters. Just because Washington losers can´t figure it out doesn´t mean it´s wrong. They are just too uncompetitive. In the marketplace, they would be out of business, whining about how unfair it is that they couldn´t figure out how to deliver a superior product.

Trump is the winner and further, shows that business strategies applied to fossilized government may be a good idea.

Reader Philip Barton:

It is far from perfect, but the relentless march to self-destruction of 18 months ago has been stopped in its tracks.

Trump is a fascinating character. He is a big-mouthed braggart with the hide of a rhinoceros, BUT ONLY Donald Trump could have produced the results that we have seen over the past year. Talk about the right man in the right place at the right time.

Not just the US — the world owes him a lot.

hat-tip Stephen Harper