Rational negotiation over sex defies our human impulse

Rational negotiation over sex defies our human impulse, by Angela Shanahan.

Now I have heard everything. Some bright spark has invented an app for consent to sexual intercourse. Pity the poor young of today — as if they are not dependent enough on technology and confused enough about sex without someone trying to foist a technological innovation into an area where it just doesn’t belong. …

Apparently the frisson of young romantic encounters no longer exists. Sexual relationships have been turned into something structured and rigid. It isn’t just taking the romance out of sex, it is attempting to reduce normal sexual urges to precise rational algorithms, wrapped in the framework of political correctness. These people have forgotten something. Sex has almost nothing to do with rational thought, especially when one is engaged in sex. …

Withholding consent is the intrinsic point in rape. The feminist position is to expect an explicit, enthusiastic yes. However, there are two problems with this idea. First, expecting an explicit yes is too simplistic because it is too rational. It is not feasible in the real world, especially with young people, who are sexually exuberant. Sex is not rational and people simply do. People behave in certain ob­vious ways that give consent. Likewise, the notion of “negoti­ation” in sex is ridiculous because it is too rational. Human beings are not programmed like that.

What, feminism is unrealistic? I’m wearing my shocked face.

hat-tip Stephen Neil