Our 21st century tragedy – how the west was lost

Our 21st century tragedy – how the west was lost. By Kevin Donnelly.

Douglas Murray argues in The Strange Death of Europe that ­“Europe is committing suicide”, as proven by the mass immigration of thousands of young Islamic men and the failure by many ­within academia, the media and politics to acknowledge and ­defend the unique strengths and benefits of Western civilisation on which Europe is based.

Such is the dire nature of events, Murray concludes: “By the end of the lifespans of most of the people currently alive, Europe will no longer be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.”


While the situation in Australia is not as extreme, the reality is that our institutions and way of life are also threatened by immigration, especially by migrants committed to Islamic fundamentalism, and a campaign by the cultural left to ­denounce and undermine Western civilisation. …

The rise of ethnic enclaves in western Sydney and metropolitan Melbourne and the violence and destruction caused by North African street gangs further highlight the dangers of allowing those to immigrate whose beliefs and values are inimical to our way of life.

The reality, similar to Europe and Britain, is that Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration policy and celebration of multi­culturalism, as historian Geoffrey Blainey warned some years ago, is leading to Australia becoming a nation of tribes.

hat-tip Stephen Neil