Deadly Convenience: Keyless Cars and Their Carbon Monoxide Toll

Deadly Convenience: Keyless Cars and Their Carbon Monoxide Toll, by David Jeans.

Without having to turn and remove a key to shut off the motor, drivers can be lulled into mistakenly thinking that the car has stopped running. …

It seems like a common convenience in a digital age: a car that can be powered on and off with the push of a button, rather than the mechanical turning of a key. But it is a convenience that can have a deadly effect.

On a summer morning last year, Fred Schaub drove his Toyota RAV4 into the garage attached to his Florida home and went into the house with the wireless key fob, evidently believing the car was shut off. Twenty-nine hours later, he was found dead, overcome with carbon monoxide that flooded his home while he slept.

“After 75 years of driving, my father thought that when he took the key with him when he left the car, the car would be off,” said Mr. Schaub’s son Doug.