Europe’s women and children are offered on the altar of political correctness

Europe’s women and children are offered on the altar of political correctness, by Ben Perchiron.

The notion has long been held that a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest members. In OUR society, the consensus is largely that these are our children, women and the elderly …

The weakest are not, as the globalist, leftist elites would have us believe, the majority of war-hardened, reproductive-aged, young (82%) immigrant men (67%) flooding our shores from Africa and the Middle East recently.

Those have become opportunistic, economic freeloaders who have found little to no work (1.0% – 2.2%) in their industrialised, rich host countries such as Germany, Sweden or Austria. …

A cursory look at past decades’ rape cases in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Austria see sentences ranging from 7 years to life imprisonment (min. served 15 years) for criminals indigenous to these countries.

Nowadays it seems clear, however, that the rules have changed and that there are several levels of omission, commission and submission perpetrated by the relevant authorities. …

Our weakest are indeed suffering –- not just economically, with impoverished education, tighter housing markets and higher taxes –- but physically and emotionally. European citizens who have not become instruments of a suicidal plan have finally started waking up and are steadily showing signs of revolt against this madness – as exemplified by recent referenda and elections in the UK, Austria, Hungary and Italy.

The only questions are: Will it be enough, and do we still have time to claw back our once-great culture from increasingly inevitable oblivion?

hat-tip Stephen Neil