Leftists just wish Australians were racist

Leftists just wish Australians were racist, by Frank de Sousa.

Australian progressives have cost the country untold amounts in time, treasure and social cohesion in the mistaken belief that other people’s problems are automatically replicated here. …

In the progressive worldview, the American historical experience in particular is taken as being normative and is universalised, particularly American history over the last few decades. Prior to the 1960s, for example, Jim Crow was not so much a phenomenon limited to the American South but rather a universal phenomenon. If there are any facts around the world that contradict this narrative, then these facts be damned. Everybody must be obliged to sing from the same song sheet, otherwise the progressive worldview loses its claim to universality. If Antipodeans, for example, start marching out of step, progressive drill instructors will rush to scream in their faces to get back in step!

It must be recognised that Germanic people are usually, to varying degrees, volkisch. The most volkisch have of course been the Germans/Austrians, the South Africans, and the Americans, particularly in the Deep South. Uppermost in the minds of volkisch people is the preservation of the purity of their blood, because this is what they base their sense of identity on, the colour of their blood. Accordingly, this racialist concern has historically been reflected in such legislative measures as the Nuremberg Laws, Apartheid, and Jim Crow.

But Australia and New Zealand are either not volkisch or are barely so. Volkisch people, for obvious reasons, are more comfortable with segregation over assimilation, whether de jure or de facto. But Australians and New Zealanders have shown themselves throughout their history to be more comfortable with assimilation over segregation….

It is important to acknowledge that assimilationists, by definition, cannot be racist. So Antipodeans are clearly different. They are Germanic, but not volkisch. …

Volkisch thinking tends to get pretty ugly pretty quickly. Progressives derive a tremendous sense of moral justification and holy purpose in being able to loudly denounce such ugliness, offering to right these wrongs. Given progressivism’s universalism, and its attendant salvific pretensions, the same ills afflicting the referent society (the United States) obtain everywhere else in similar or equal measure, and so the same remedies proffered for these ills are universally applicable. So non-volkisch societies are forced to pretend to suffer from the same ills as volkish societies, therefore being in need of the same medicine.

While of course there are real volkisch or racist people in Australia, they are too insignificant in number to be worth worrying about. …

A parliamentary portrait of Pauline Hanson early in her political career

Whatever one may think of Pauline Hanson, she clearly cannot be described as a racist. While she may be justifiably described as being xenophobic, she has always loudly advocated for assimilation over segregation, particularly in regard to Aboriginals. One will note that she makes little mention of Asians nowadays. Is that because there are less of them, or because they are assimilating quite nicely? As an assimilationist, Pauline Hanson cannot, by definition, be racist.

hat-tip Stephen Neil