Australian federal by-elections loom as senator and four MPs fall over citizenship

Australian federal by-elections loom as senator and four MPs fall over citizenship, by Luke Gomes.

Three Labor MPs and a crossbencher have resigned their seats after the High Court ruled Labor senator Katy Gallagher is ineligible to sit in Parliament over dual citizenship. …

The High Court’s ruling that Ms Gallagher was ineligible to stand for the 2016 election put a cloud over the other four parliamentarians. …

The ruling means Labor will face four by-elections, three resulting from dual citizenship in addition to a contest in Perth sparked by Tim Hammond’s decision to resign.

Well well. Until now it seemed all the dual citizenship problems were confined to the coalition or independents, such as Barnaby Joyce (by-election) and Jacquie Lambie (resigned). Labor denied it had any problems, oh no not us. There is a postmodern mindset on the left today that regards truth as a mere “construct” and says whatever suits.

Bill Shorten defends Labor senator from dual citizen questions, by Ten Eyewitness News, from December 2017.

Mr Shorten says [Katy Gallagher] took ‘reasonable’ steps to renounce her citizenship before she was nominated for the Senate.

“The law’s very clear. If you are a dual citizen you have got to demonstrate that you take all reasonable steps to renounce the citizenship of another country,” he said.

Mr Shorten waved off comparisons to Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash, saying they hadn’t taken any steps “whatsoever” to renounce their citizenship.

“The difference between Katy Gallagher and Barnaby Joyce is the difference between night and day,” he said.

“Our people have all submitted themselves to our lawyers at the Labor Party and they have all taken reasonable steps.”

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific