Actors Read The Real “Facts On FEMINISM” From A Teleprompter, Their Responses Are Priceless

Actors Read The Real “Facts On FEMINISM” From A Teleprompter, Their Responses Are Priceless, by Lucian Wintrich.

Conservative filmmaker and personality Austen Fletcher recently hired a group of actors to cold read a script from a teleprompter; they were told that they were being filmed for a short video on feminism… only the script contained the actual statistics and explanations behind many far left talking points.

Among the debunked myths is the notion that “Women earn 77 cents to a man’s dollar” – this is a bunk statistic that third-wave feminists become LIVID over when confronted on it (it’s almost as if they *want* to earn less). The truth of the matter is that all average earnings are the same between men and women but, among other things, men tend to enter into more lucrative careers, work significantly longer hours, chose more financially-minded majors in college, etc. …

Discussing how the left ritualistically twists facts and presents misinformation, Fletcher went on to discuss how important it is to stay informed and keep a skeptical mind when examining certain headlines: “I don’t think people follow politics/current events as much as they should. This is what the left capitalizes on. They manipulate the people that casually read headlines and try to make it feel like they are morally superior to conservatives. This needs to change.”

Other issues covered:

  • 76% suicides are men
  • 85% of homeless are men
  • 70% of homicide victims are men
  • 40% of domestic abuse victims are men
  • Men are majority of victims of violent crime.
  • Men on average are 3.4X more likely to be imprisoned than women who both committed the same crime.
  • Men on average serve 64% longer prison sentences than women for comparable crimes.
  • Women commit more than twice as much unprovoked domestic violence against men than men commit against women.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific