Kurds outraged by allies betrayal, and video of slain female fighter

Kurds outraged by allies betrayal, and video of slain female fighter, by Anthony Lloyd.

When two videos showing the desecration of a ­female fighter’s corpse appeared on social media, Ahmed Omar was disgusted.

He was in a building defending the Kurdish frontlines north of Afrin from advancing Turkish forces and their Free Syrian Army allies when he saw the footage on his mobile phone one night.

“I felt revolted and deeply saddened,” he said, recalling the clip in which an FSA fighter, surrounded by jeering colleagues, stands on the chest of the young woman whose breasts had been removed and stomach slashed.

“I had a sensation of deep pain to see the body of a woman ­treated this way.”

A few hours after seeing the footage a message landed on his phone. “It named the woman in the video as my sister, Amina,” he said. “She had been killed in ­action a day earlier. I began to weep. My commander ordered me home to break the news to my family.”

The videos of the mutilation of Amina Omar, 26, better known by her war name, Barin Kobani, went viral, outraging Kurds across the region amid the grinding 59-day operation by Turkey and its FSA proxies to capture Afrin from the Kurdish YPG.

hat-tip Stephen Neil