Why The Media Smears Jordan Peterson As ‘Alt-Right’

Why The Media Smears Jordan Peterson As ‘Alt-Right’, by Scott Greer.

NBC News thinks popular psychologist Jordan Peterson is an “alt-right intellectual.”

In a segment that aired Saturday, NBC portrayed Peterson as a dangerous man who seeks to use “psychology, religion and biology to justify the same inequality the Left opposes.”

Throughout the report, the Canadian professor is portrayed as a “favorite figure of the alt-right” — even though the alt-right is never defined.

That’s by design.

The NBC report skewering Peterson, a man even The Atlantic admits is not an extremist, is the latest example of journalists exploiting the amorphous nature of the term “alt-right” to smear various figures as white nationalists.

Peterson is a target for this attack because he’s a popular figure who argues against progressive orthodoxy and promotes conservative positions. His young, male audience raises additional alarms, so he earns the alt-right association to make him look too toxic for the mainstream.

A couple of decades ago those on the PC left started using the term “right” to mean anyone who was not them, not PC. Then “extreme right” and “far right” meant those who were even less PC and more disagreeable to those in the liberal left establishment.

Now the term “alt-right” has joined the pantheon of smear words the PC left uses to signal un-virtue — that is, not like them. Diversity of thought is NOT encouraged by the left — make no mistake, when they use “alt-right” it is a term of abuse. It is a deliberate attempt to associate anyone opposing the PC left with the Nazis.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific