British push to share UN Security Council seat with Canberra

British push to share UN Security Council seat with Canberra, by Greg Sheridan.

A leading member of Britain’s House of Commons select committee on foreign affairs has called for London to share its permanent seat on the UN Security Council with Australia.

In the most radical Brexit-era security proposal so far, Bob Seely, the Conservative member for the Isle of Wight, told The Australian he believed the British UN seat should “become an Anglosphere seat”.

In an interview in the House of Commons, Mr Seely said he thought Britain should share the seat with Australia and Canada. “Perhaps half the time the ambassador to the UN should be British and half the time it could be an Australian or a Canadian,” he said. …

“The British might keep final control of the veto,” he said. “But we could staff it jointly, and maybe only 50 per cent of the time is the ambassador actually British.” …

“We should integrate our armed forces much more,” he said. “We (the British, Canadians and Australians) would be a formidable power. We would operate on both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the Pacific. We would represent 130 million of the most affluent people in the world.”

Why not? It worked before.

hat-tip Stephen Neil