Modern-day France replaces churches with mosques

Modern-day France replaces churches with mosques, by Robert Ossenblok.

While the Western Roman Empire collapsed, tribes began moving into its territory from across the Rhine. Many Germanic tribes now lived in the province of Gaul. One of these tribes, were the Franks.

Under their King Clovis, the Franks united the peoples living in Gaul. They conquered an area roughly matching modern-day France, and they did so over 1500 years ago. That was the start of France, making it the oldest state in Europe. …

Clovis initially converted from Germanic paganism to Arian Christianity. … However, Clovis converted to the Catholic faith, embracing the papacy.  …

France was, since its foundation, one of the greatest powers on the European continent. Germany and Italy did not become states until the 19th century, and only in 1871 did Germany show it was the new primary power. …

Currently there are around 2500 mosques in France, but the construction of new mosques can hardly keep up with the demand. Supported by foreign funds from Morocco, Saudi-Arabia and Algeria new mosques are constantly being built. As Christianity and the churches whither away, Islam and the mosques march on. The future of France could not be any clearer, or any more visible, than by watching the cities change shape. In the France of the future, it will not be the church bells that wake people in the morning, it will be the calls of prayer coming from the mosque. The Notre Dame is replaced in importance and relevance by the Grand Mosque. …

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen of the National Front

Since the French democratic system is a ‘winner-takes-all’, the right-wing will be near powerless. The Front National can never win an election once almost 20% of the country is Islamic, Muslims would never vote for that party. On top of that, there are many French that are strongly opposed to the Islamization of their country, but that feel that Front National is too extreme.

At what point will the French realize drastic measures are needed? By the time they realize, it may be very difficult to stop it. Nevertheless, history shows us that at some point the French may feel they have had enough. At some point, they may grab their pitchforks and storm the Bastille. They may send their government packing and take drastic actions. The French are no frog in boiling water, that dies without realizing the temperature had been increasing. France is a timebomb, and pressure is growing day by day.

The French are one of the few groups in Europe that still have pride in their national identity. This may well be what will save France in the end. Their xenomania, or insane fondness of everything foreign, might easily suddenly end.

Already, 47% of France agrees with the statement ”There are so many foreigners living here that it doesn’t feel like home anymore”. A stunning 75% say that France and Islam are not compatible, and 70% say there are too many foreigners in France already.

hat-tip Stephen Neil