BBC hits Trump for “dangerous rhetoric” for pointing out that “Christians are being murdered in Nigeria”

BBC hits Trump for “dangerous rhetoric” for pointing out that “Christians are being murdered in Nigeria”, by Robert Spencer.

Christians are being murdered in Nigeria, but for the BBC, President Trump was wrong to point that out: “The US president showed little understanding of a very complicated and intensely politicised crisis.”

It seems that President Trump has a bad habit of defending Christians: “Mr Trump has always been quick to jump to the defence of Christians in conflicts such as Syria and Iraq and comments like this play well to his base among Evangelical Christians in the US.”

What is so complicated about the conflict in Nigeria? “It is a widely touted refrain that the conflict between farmers and herdsmen constitutes a ‘genocide against Christians’. It is hard to support this claim with any fact: there have been many killings on both sides in this conflict.”

This is wildly misleading. Christians have been massacred frequently in Nigeria, as you can see here. On a small number of occasions, Christians have fought back. But the BBC’s contention that this is a conflict in which both sides share equal responsibility is flatly false.

The real significance for the West here is that the BBC prefers the narrative over facts. Mere facts are not sufficient justification, and even the President of the USA can be reprimanded for saying facts … if they do not further the PC agenda — which in this case is bashing Christianity. Marxists have always hated the Church, recognizing it as their mortal foe.

hat-tip Stephen Neil