Trump rebrands diplomatic norms as global events spin on his axis

Trump rebrands diplomatic norms as global events spin on his axis, by Ann Gearan.

President Donald Trump on Friday placed himself at the center of the remarkable summit between the leaders of North and South Korea, taking credit for bold and innovative diplomacy that may open a path to peace where other leaders failed.

“It’s certainly something that I hope I can do for the world,” Trump said. “This is beyond the United States. This is a world problem, and it’s something that I hope I’m able to do for the world.”

The dramatic turn of events on the Korean Peninsula was the capstone to a week that crystallized the ways Trump has established his foreign policy approach as one that rests largely on the pride he takes in busting the old conventions of diplomatic negotiations and remaking them in his image. …

We get a kick every once in a while out of the fact that I’ll be watching people that failed so badly over the last 25 years explaining to me how to make a deal with North Korea,” Trump cracked during a White House news conference Friday with Merkel. ” I get a big, big kick out of that.” …

“The United States in the past was played like a fiddle,” by North Korea, because Pyongyang could take advantage of a “different kind of leader,” Trump said Friday. “That’s not happening to us.” …

Trump claims he has forced the issue through his tough stance on North Korea during his first year in office, and vowed that he will be a sharper negotiator than any of his predecessors.

Trump also credits the personal bond he forged with Chinese President Xi Jinping for fostering the rapid turnabout with North Korea, China’s Communist ally and economic lifeline.

“Everyone’s surprised at how tight he clamped down,” on North Korea, Trump said. “Everyone said that he’d just talk about it, he wouldn’t do it. Well, he did it, and he did it out of a relationship that we have.” …

Well, nothing like this Korean summit happened under Obama, Bush, or Clinton.

Trump threatened North Korea with war. While it scared the globalists, it also scared the North Koreans — no one was sure if Trump would go to war.

Trump managed to get the Chinese to crack down hard on North Korea, imposing real sanctions, something no one else had done. Only Trump could credibly threaten China with trade sanctions, because he campaigned against free trade and against China taking advantage of the US.

So Trump is succeeding where the liberal elites in the swamp failed for decades. Nothing like this would have happened under Hillary.

The Misanthropic Mrs. Clinton

The Misanthropic Mrs. Clinton, by Kyle Smith.

Clinton hates everyone. You can’t relate to people you despise….

As a college sophomore, Clinton once described herself as a “misanthrope.” Her inability to hide that made her an amazingly poor candidate, one who would have had difficulty capturing a seat on any city council on her own. Dealing with the populace standing between her and power was never anything but a chore. …

Her inability to master the basics of being a politician inspired one of the great underreported witticisms of the 2016 campaign, when Donald Trump was asked about his comparatively loose debate preparations. “I don’t need to rehearse being human,” he said. …

Clinton “suffered from a chronic inability to crack a simple joke,” Chozick writes. Even at special off-the-record drinks events specifically designed by her staff to allow Clinton to let her guard down and banter with reporters the way Barack Obama did, Clinton excoriates the journos for having big egos and little brains. On one such fence-mending effort in New Hampshire, Chozick writes, “She exuded a particularly icy aloofness and a how-long-do-I-have-to-talk-to-you-a**holes demeanor that made me feel as if I’d never been born.” Reporters felt so abused by the Big She during the 2008 campaign that when Clinton made an 88-second visit to the press bus proffering bagels and coffee, there were no takers. This is a bit like throwing raw filet mignon into a tank full of piranhas and watching it descend slowly to the bottom untouched.

The Brighter Side of Bill Cosby’s Conviction

The Brighter Side of Bill Cosby’s Conviction, by Christian Adams.

Imagine someone telling the 1988 version of you that Bill Cosby is a rapist, Donald Trump will be president, and Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince will all be dead from drugs before they turn 60.

Today’s conviction of Cosby may be the greatest fall from grace in the history of American celebrity. Those who did not experience Cosby’s cultural domination through his stand-up career, I Spy, cartoon animation, and finally as the reassuring wise and loving patriarch of the Huxtables might not understand.

Cosby was king of American television the way Michael Jackson was king of pop. He was number one year after year in the ratings, pulling nightly numbers that today only the Super Bowl can top.

Cliff Huxtable a rapist?

Impossible. But today a jury found it happened, beyond a reasonable doubt. What a tragic mess. What a fall.

The brighter side?

Someone who was perhaps the most beloved and trusted celebrity of his time was held accountable by the law. That means something, especially these days.

Goldman Sachs Says Curing Diseases May Not Be Economically Viable

Goldman Sachs Says Curing Diseases May Not Be Economically Viable, by Natali Mis.

A leaked report has stated what many in the health industry have whispered privately; there is a lot less money in curing people than in long-term management of disease.

The issue is brought into focus by the possibility of a gene therapy that could soon cure a large variety of genetic conditions by changing individual units of DNA. …

Richter points to the sofosbuvir treatment of hepatitis C marketed by Gilead Sciences. In 2015 this brought the company $12.5 billion, mostly in the United States, as people suffering liver damage from the virus rushed to take up the new drug. However, the therapy cures most patients so thoroughly they’re finished treatment within 12 weeks. Better still from a social perspective, but worse for profits, once treated people no longer transmit the virus, preventing new infections. This year Richter expects American sales to fall to less than $4 billion.

This Is the Real Reason Britain Won’t Release Alfie Evans to Italy

This Is the Real Reason Britain Won’t Release Alfie Evans to Italy, by Kira Davis.

In recent weeks many people across the globe have been moved and outraged by the story of little Alfie Evans, whose life hung in the balance in a British hospital and whose fate was taken from the hands of his parents by the National Health Service (NHS) and the courts.

As of the time of this publication, Alfie was forcibly removed from his breathing devices but continues to breathe on his own. The NHS and the courts would not even allow Alfie to go home with his parents, and when the nation of Italy offered to fly him to a Rome hospital for experimental treatment (at their own expense) the courts told Alfie’s parents they would not be allowed to leave the country.

Even after Alfie surprised doctors with his will to live he was denied water for nearly six hours. He continued to be denied nourishment. With the denial of his exit from England altogether it was clear that the British courts and the NHS had no intention of letting Alfie live.

But why? …

The NHS simply cannot afford the extremely expensive prospect of keeping alive a little boy who most likely will not live much longer due to an incurable condition. … It’s cruel, but logical…the inevitable result of a single-payer system. …

What is not logical and nearly incomprehensible is the decision of the court not simply to deny Alfie further treatment, but then deny his right and the right of his parents to leave the country to seek treatment elsewhere. …

Worse, it’s like East Germany and the Berlin Wall:

Some years ago I watched a documentary on the design and building of the Berlin Wall between East Germany and West Germany. … In one clip, an aging (former) East German Wall architect spoke briskly about the strategy of his designs. …

With great sincerity – almost pleading with the interviewer – he said, “We had to build the wall. Too many people were leaving for the West and you need people to make socialism work. We had to build the wall to keep them in so they could see how great socialism was, so they could see that it works.” …

The point is – this man and his comrades felt that the only way to sell people on their socialist vision was to force them to live in it. Those leaving were just too stupid to understand that it was the best thing for them.

This is exactly the point in the ruling by the NHS and the courts to forbid their free citizens from leaving the country. If they are allowed to flee the heart-wrenching consequences of socialism, then others will want to do the same. How can a socialist system work without the cooperation of everyone? And how can you force people to participate in that socialist system when they discover that system may kill them or their loved ones?

You build a wall.

Great Britain doesn’t yet have a wall to keep its citizens in, but the courts have built one with the law. …

For some bizarre reason, a nation that boasts figures like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, a tiny island nation that was once so powerful and broad it was said that the sun never set on the British empire…for some inexplicable reason that nation has chosen to hang its pride and joy on socialized medicine. …

To release this child to the care of any other nation would be to admit failure, and heartless bureaucrats who will never have to watch young Alfie struggle for air or dehydrate to death have decided that their misplaced pride is more valuable than the lives of their citizens.

Reader Stephen comments:

A heart-wrenching story that exposes the black heart at the centre of socialism. Always and everywhere, everything the left touches turns to custard; and here is a particularly despicable example of left-wing ideology trampling over people.

The left, you know, those caring types who feel everyone’s pain and are the champions of the oppressed have not one jot of compassion for poor, defenceless Alfie. They just want him dead. And quickly. It’s sick.

Where are PETA and the greens who bleed buckets for every
defenceless whale and dolphin and sheep? Not a peep from those misanthropes. Perhaps if we discovered that little Alfie were transgender or a member of a certain unnamable religion, the left would would swing swiftly into action to save him.

hat-tip Stephen Harper

Stephen Colbert Leads Social Justice Mob Against Kanye West

Stephen Colbert Leads Social Justice Mob Against Kanye West, by John Nolte.

Stephen Colbert’s Wednesday night attack on Kanye West’s sanity, followed by the late-night host’s demand that the rap superstar stop praising Trump, might have been wrapped in humor, but these tactics are as old as the Democrat Party itself. …

Sure, Colbert couches his venom in yuk-yuks, but the warning is clear. …

Because Kanye offered support to the sitting president of the United States who is not a Democrat, who is not approved by the establishment, Colbert used the power of his national television show, and the untold millions of corporate dollars that fund it, to smear Kanye as crazy (“lost his mind”) and to demand he shut up and stay in his place (“put the phone down,” unless you are going to tweet about ping pong).

Colbert is not just sending a message to Kanye, not just punishing the rap superstar with personal attacks, Colbert’s rhetorical whipping is a public one meant to send a message to other blacks to stay in their place.

Please note that Colbert is not responding to Kanye man-to-man, Colbert is not making an intellectual argument. Rather, Colbert’s response is to angrily lash out with ad hominem name-calling and an order to “shut up,” or else…

In other words, Colbert is not treating Kanye as a man, as an equal, but as a servant required to think, believe, vote, speak, and express himself in only the approved ways.

Kanye’s cultural power is enormous and what we are witnessing in real time is the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare come to life. There is simply no question that over the last 50 years Democrats have failed black America miserably, and having a cultural leader like Kanye point to this fact and argue forcefully and with compassion for an end to the group mentality that reliably delivers 90 percent of the black vote to Democrats despite their appalling track record, is a huge threat to the organized left’s power.

Charlie Kirk:

Kanye West is successfully challenging the democrat mob. He is a cultural icon praising the President he is supposed to hate.

He is endorsing diversity of opinion and thinking.

And he has the most popular celebrity family [the Kardashians] defending him.

Russia: Not as powerful as the Swamp likes to make out

Russia: Not as powerful as the Swamp likes to make out, by Al Fin.

Until very recently, the Russian view of the North American Oil & Gas Renaissance was to “deny!deny!deny!”. According to Putin and the Kremlin flunkies and trolls, North American shale oil & gas was a joke, destined to collapse “any day now.” And they played the same song for almost a decade with minimal, if any, revision. Years after oil & gas prices collapsed in 2014, Russia was still claiming that North American oil & gas production was not having any appreciable impact on the Russian economy. …

When the Kremlin is afraid of something, its first response is to mock it and deny its existence and/or its importance. This is a standard operating procedure seen during the Soviet years and during the Putin years. But there may come a day when the Kremlin needs some credibility, and finds that it has squandered it all.

SpaceX has been changing the equation of space launch for over six years now, which should have given Russia plenty of time to adapt to the challenge.

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

But for many reasons, Russian industry is old and tired, cranky and stiff. Rich in grandiose vapourware announcements of “startling innovations”, mediocre in the prototype, but very very weak in actual mass production. It is becoming a Russian cliche. …

Whether you are talking about ships, planes, helicopters, tanks, or missile forces, the story is the same. Loud claims about the capabilities of weapons systems are made, while the darker realities behind the propaganda screens tell a different story. And given the massive levels of corruption across Russian industry, even a doubling of current oil prices would not allow Russia to make up the skills and innovation deficit across the industrial spectrum. Russia no longer has the necessary talent to do what would have to be done to back up its propaganda releases.

And that is very bad, because the Kremlin is getting Russia involved in a large number of wars and quasi-wars:

… the Kremlin has gotten involved in “too many fronts,” has “too few resources,” and “absolutely no friends,” a situation that has prompted Putin to talk about the use of nuclear “wonder weapons” not as a last resort “but as the only one” ___ ( via WOE2.

The civilian homefront is losing its strength and cohesiveness in a weakening economy, encouraging ever increasing brain drain and capital flight abroad. Tipping point mechanisms eventually take hold, making decline unstoppable.

The F-3 could be the next world-beating fighter jet

The F-3 could be the next world-beating fighter jet, by Kyle Mizokami.

Last week, Lockheed Martin proposed building a hybrid F-22 Raptor/F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for Japan. The jet, possibly to be known as F-3, would be the most advanced jet fighter in the world. …

Japan didn’t intend to wait so long for new fighters. The country originally planned to purchase the F-22 Raptor, but a U.S. law meant to protect the F-22’s technology from prying eyes banned the fighter from export. (Ironically, the law is rooted in Israel’s unauthorized export of U.S. fighter technology to China, which resulted in the J-10 “Vigorous Dragon” fighter.) …

Last month, news sources announced Japan was scrapping an effort to produce an indigenous air superiority fighter, opting to instead develop one with an international partner.

Now we know who that partner might be: Lockheed Martin. Aside from Sukhoi in Russia and Chengdu in China, Lockheed Martin is the only company in the world that has actually developed and produced stealthy, fifth-generation fighters. According to a report in Reuters, Lockheed is offering a hybrid F-22 Raptor/F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet, combining the best attributes of both.

So what would this stealthy F-3 hybrid jet look like? The first thing that comes to mind is an F-22 Raptor on the outside with the F-35 JSF on the inside. Such a design would combine the Raptor’s stealth, twin engine layout, supermaneuverability and larger internal payload with the JSF’s advanced computers, modern avionics and networking capabilities. (The F-22 Raptor, while a still a fairly modern jet, runs on 286 microprocessors from the Windows 95 era.)

F-35 top, F-22 bottom

In other words, eliminate the outdated electronics and computers of the F-22 and the compromised and poor avionics of the F-35. Hooray!

The F-3 would also be attractive to other nations that were frozen out of F-22 purchases but still need a world-class air superiority jet. Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Israel were all interested in purchasing the F-22. …

If Japan pays for the development costs of F-3, the U.S. Air Force could piggyback onto the purchase, lowering costs for all parties. …

An F-22/F-35 mashup would probably take ten years to develop and could cost more than 60 billion dollars. In 2017, an Air Force study quoted the cost of procuring an additional 194 F-22s at 50 billion dollars — including ten billion just to restart the production line.

Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history

Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history, by Bill Harris, former CEO of Intuit and founding CEO of PayPal and Personal Capital.

I’m tired of saying, “Be careful, it’s speculative.” Then, “Be careful, it’s gambling.” Then, “Be careful, it’s a bubble.” Okay, I’ll say it: Bitcoin is a scam.

In my opinion, it’s a colossal pump-and-dump scheme, the likes of which the world has never seen. In a pump-and-dump game, promoters “pump” up the price of a security creating a speculative frenzy, then “dump” some of their holdings at artificially high prices. And some cryptocurrencies are pure frauds. Ernst & Young estimates that 10 percent of the money raised for initial coin offerings has been stolen.

The losers are ill-informed buyers caught up in the spiral of greed. The result is a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary families to internet promoters. And “massive” is a massive understatement — 1,500 different cryptocurrencies now register over $300 billion of “value.” …

Promoters claim cryptocurrency is valuable as (1) a means of payment, (2) a store of value and/or (3) a thing in itself. None of these claims are true. …

Cryptocurrency is best-suited for one use: Criminal activity. Because transactions can be anonymous — law enforcement cannot easily trace who buys and sells — its use is dominated by illegal endeavors.

Most heavy users of bitcoin are criminals, such as Silk Road and WannaCry ransomware. Too many bitcoin exchanges have experienced spectacular heists, such as NiceHash and Coincheck, or outright fraud, such as Mt. Gox and Bitfunder. Way too many Initial Coin Offerings are scams — 418 of the 902 ICOs in 2017 have already failed.

Hackers are getting into the act. It’s estimated that 90 percent of all remote hacking is now focused on bitcoin theft by commandeering other people’s computers to mine coins. …

Bitcoin is absurdly wasteful of natural resources. Because it is so compute-intensive, it takes as much electricity to create a single bitcoin — a process called “mining” — as it does to power an average American household for two years.

Ouch. Certainly there is a place in the world of finance for “currencies” that are free of government control and can be exchanged over the Internet. The big problem is that there is no way of valuing them: they provide no income (unlike stocks, bonds, or property) and have no history as a medium of exchange (unlike gold).

Bitcoin did not start out as a scam. But because it is new, on the Internet, and cannot be rationally valued, it is perfect for a pump-and-dump.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s autobiography answers her own question

Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s autobiography answers her own question, by The Mocker.

“If I were to think about … injustice too hard I would wallow in pity and all-consuming anger,” wrote media personality Yassmin Abdel-Magied in her autobiography Yassmin’s Story: Who Do You Think I Am?. That was in 2016, and it would be another year before the then 24 year old’s controversial Anzac Day Facebook post ‘Lest We Forget: (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine)’ appeared.

At that time, Abdel-Magied had been living a life of privilege. Born in Sudan, she, along with her family, left a third-world dictatorship and found refuge in Australia, thanks to the generosity of a Christian family. A bright student, she studied engineering and graduated with first-class honours. As an African Muslim migrant woman, she rated highly on the intersectionality scoreboard, and was feted as a success story. She hosted an ABC television show, and gave frequent interviews to the media. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade paid for her to travel throughout Africa to plug her book. Yassmania, you might say.

Last week she endorsed a call from Sally Rugg, a former GetUp! director and Incoming national director, for thousands of people to tweet “Lest we forget (Manus)” on Anzac Day. “Do it,” tweeted Magied. It appears the only thing she is truly sorry for is the loss of her taxpayer-funded tiara. …

As a 15-year-old, Magied began giving speeches as an activist, but she acknowledged she played to the audience. “I’m ashamed to say that I embellished my problems with discrimination and being accepted in society to gain approval from the Socialist Alliance group,” she wrote. “I played up to their expectations in my speech, when we were protesting and at any opportunity.” You could say not much has changed. …

“My preferred modus operandi is to minimise fuss, to ‘wear’ it, to weather the storm and then rebuild from the wreckage,” she writes. Again, bear in mind this was written in 2016. Not bad coming from someone who has built a new career on perpetual wailing. But this last excerpt is the prize gem: “It does frustrate me that I now have a public profile built on the assumption that I enjoy outrage.”

So, Yassmin, in regards to your question Who Do You Think I Am, the answer is obvious, and it is to be found in the significant difference between your words and your actions. For pity’s sake, please stop the yassmoaning.

What is involuntary celibacy and the incel rebellion and what did Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian say about it?

What is involuntary celibacy and the incel rebellion and what did Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian say about it? By Thea Jacobs.

THE suspect at the centre of the Toronto van attack is thought to have been furious at young women for making him an “involuntary celibate” and praised murderer Elliot Rodger.

Alek Minassian, 25, also warned on Facebook of an incel rebellion. Here’s everything you need to know about involuntary celibacy, the incel rebellion, Alek Minassian and Elliot Rodger.

Involuntary celibacy, often contracted to incel, is a term used to describe a person who can’t have sex despite wanting to, according to

The term also extends to people who believe they have no possibility of finding a partner to get love, validation or acceptance from.

The community is predominately male and the forum suggests women have readily available access to sex as do gay men.

However, the movement was initially started by a Canadian woman known as Alana.

Some people who identify as incels blame attractive men and women for their perceived state — a belief that has lead to several mass killings in the US.

The group dub people who are able to have normal sexual relationships as “normies” and have divisions within their community as to when someone can be classified as an incel.

Incels and involuntary celibacy first came to mainstream attention when reddit banned their community in 2017 following a number of spree shootings by self-proclaimed involuntary celibates or people sharing a similar ideology.

However, the term has been around since the late 1990s and has even had research papers published about its causes — including one that found many incels believed it stemmed from a lack of sexual experiences at key transitional points in teenage years. …

In a Facebook post Alek Minassian declared “The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys!” but what does he mean? …

The rebellion is a way for incels to take revenge on people who have been able to enjoy sex and romantic relationships while they have not.

Elliot Rodger:

Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 13 in a rampage he dubbed “a day of retribution” on May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, California. …

He attributed his actions to girls refusing to have sex with him in a 140 page document he left behind.

Although the teen killer never cites the incel rebellion, his manifesto My Twisted World detailed his hatred of women – viewing them as the reason he was isolated, lonely and unable to have sex.

Comments Bob:

I had heard that some of the acid attacks on attractive kids in London had been based on something like the complaints set out in this article.

I’ve often mused on the dangers to social cohesion of these so-called reality TV shows which typically show silly ladies with access to too much cash being too self-indulgent and arrogant.

Uncomfortable, on many levels!

hat-tip Bob