Trump rebrands diplomatic norms as global events spin on his axis

Trump rebrands diplomatic norms as global events spin on his axis, by Ann Gearan.

President Donald Trump on Friday placed himself at the center of the remarkable summit between the leaders of North and South Korea, taking credit for bold and innovative diplomacy that may open a path to peace where other leaders failed.

“It’s certainly something that I hope I can do for the world,” Trump said. “This is beyond the United States. This is a world problem, and it’s something that I hope I’m able to do for the world.”

The dramatic turn of events on the Korean Peninsula was the capstone to a week that crystallized the ways Trump has established his foreign policy approach as one that rests largely on the pride he takes in busting the old conventions of diplomatic negotiations and remaking them in his image. …

We get a kick every once in a while out of the fact that I’ll be watching people that failed so badly over the last 25 years explaining to me how to make a deal with North Korea,” Trump cracked during a White House news conference Friday with Merkel. ” I get a big, big kick out of that.” …

“The United States in the past was played like a fiddle,” by North Korea, because Pyongyang could take advantage of a “different kind of leader,” Trump said Friday. “That’s not happening to us.” …

Trump claims he has forced the issue through his tough stance on North Korea during his first year in office, and vowed that he will be a sharper negotiator than any of his predecessors.

Trump also credits the personal bond he forged with Chinese President Xi Jinping for fostering the rapid turnabout with North Korea, China’s Communist ally and economic lifeline.

“Everyone’s surprised at how tight he clamped down,” on North Korea, Trump said. “Everyone said that he’d just talk about it, he wouldn’t do it. Well, he did it, and he did it out of a relationship that we have.” …

Well, nothing like this Korean summit happened under Obama, Bush, or Clinton.

Trump threatened North Korea with war. While it scared the globalists, it also scared the North Koreans — no one was sure if Trump would go to war.

Trump managed to get the Chinese to crack down hard on North Korea, imposing real sanctions, something no one else had done. Only Trump could credibly threaten China with trade sanctions, because he campaigned against free trade and against China taking advantage of the US.

So Trump is succeeding where the liberal elites in the swamp failed for decades. Nothing like this would have happened under Hillary.