Stephen Colbert Leads Social Justice Mob Against Kanye West

Stephen Colbert Leads Social Justice Mob Against Kanye West, by John Nolte.

Stephen Colbert’s Wednesday night attack on Kanye West’s sanity, followed by the late-night host’s demand that the rap superstar stop praising Trump, might have been wrapped in humor, but these tactics are as old as the Democrat Party itself. …

Sure, Colbert couches his venom in yuk-yuks, but the warning is clear. …

Because Kanye offered support to the sitting president of the United States who is not a Democrat, who is not approved by the establishment, Colbert used the power of his national television show, and the untold millions of corporate dollars that fund it, to smear Kanye as crazy (“lost his mind”) and to demand he shut up and stay in his place (“put the phone down,” unless you are going to tweet about ping pong).

Colbert is not just sending a message to Kanye, not just punishing the rap superstar with personal attacks, Colbert’s rhetorical whipping is a public one meant to send a message to other blacks to stay in their place.

Please note that Colbert is not responding to Kanye man-to-man, Colbert is not making an intellectual argument. Rather, Colbert’s response is to angrily lash out with ad hominem name-calling and an order to “shut up,” or else…

In other words, Colbert is not treating Kanye as a man, as an equal, but as a servant required to think, believe, vote, speak, and express himself in only the approved ways.

Kanye’s cultural power is enormous and what we are witnessing in real time is the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare come to life. There is simply no question that over the last 50 years Democrats have failed black America miserably, and having a cultural leader like Kanye point to this fact and argue forcefully and with compassion for an end to the group mentality that reliably delivers 90 percent of the black vote to Democrats despite their appalling track record, is a huge threat to the organized left’s power.

Charlie Kirk:

Kanye West is successfully challenging the democrat mob. He is a cultural icon praising the President he is supposed to hate.

He is endorsing diversity of opinion and thinking.

And he has the most popular celebrity family [the Kardashians] defending him.