Rainbows good, skulls bad? Australian Army seems to be cool with PC symbols only

Rainbows good, skulls bad? Australian Army seems to be cool with PC symbols only. By The Australian.

You can wear this in the Australian Army. The force’s official website:

The Army indigenous Lapel Pin was designed in 2011 to promote the Army’s commitment to indigenous Australians and celebrate the long and proud history of indigenous service in the Army.

And you can add a rainbow if you like. LGBTI defence group DEFGLIS’s online store:

The Official Australian Army LGBTI Pride Pin released by Army headquarters. On the Army Pride Lapel Pin, the colours of the Rainbow Flag proudly surround the Army’s Rising Sun. Together these elements are symbolic of the Army as an inclusive organisation that respects diversity and supports LGBTI soldiers and ­officers.

But those skulls and bones have got to go. New Defence chief Angus Campbell’s edict, April 17:

… symbology/iconography: for example the pirate skull and crossbones (maritime outlaws and murderers), the Phantom or Punisher symbols (vigilantes), Spartans (extreme militarism) or the Grim Reaper (bringer of death) … I ask that you take immediate action to explain and remove such symbology/iconography …

Never mind that soldiers have used death symbols for decades. Former sergeant Justin Huggett in The Australian, yesterday:

I’ve had Vietnam veterans tell me about the emblems … This is a tradition that’s been around for years. They are going to be lost to history.

hat-tip Stephen Neil