Malcolm Turnbull defends tough border protection policies

Malcolm Turnbull defends tough border protection policies, by Dennis Shanahan.

Malcolm Turnbull has delivered an impassioned defence in Germany of Australia’s tough border protection policies, declaring it is “absolutely essential” that governments protect their sovereign borders to gain the trust of the public to allow immigration and have a successful multicultural society.

Malcolm Turnbull November 2015

Almost directly echoing the famous words of John Howard that Australia “will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come,” the Prime Minister told an elite audience in Berlin of academics and diplomats that the public needed to be able to trust that the government “ is determining who comes into the country”.

“You have to be able to assert your sovereign right to control your own borders,” Mr Turnbull said. …

Mr Turnbull’s strident defence of the hard line approach to turning back boats of asylum seekers and offshore processing of potential refugees came after weeks of debate about cutting the immigration levels in Australia and a Newspoll survey showing most people thought immigration levels were too high.

Well said Mr Turnbull.