Canada cuts Bible camp’s funding after it refused to support abortion

Canada cuts Bible camp’s funding after it refused to support abortion, by Lianne Laurence.

An Alberta summer Bible camp may have to cut staff this year after it lost out on Canada Summer Job grants for refusing to sign the Liberal government’s pro-abortion attestation when applying for funds.

“It just feels tough that the reason that we got … not approved is because of our beliefs,” said Jon Gartly, executive director of the Southern Alberta Bible Camp told the CBC. “That’s a tough one to swallow.”

It’s a situation critics warned of after the Liberals this year required employers applying for Canada Summer Job grants sign an attestation that their “core mandate” respects abortion and LGBTQ “rights.”

The move sparked fierce and widespread backlash from faith-based charities and non-profits, which protested they could not in conscience sign the attestation. …

Some critics have warned the Liberal government is using the Canada Summer Job attestation to lay the groundwork for denying church-based organizations tax-exempt status.

The organizations that support the PC agenda get the money from the PC government.

Unfortunately most non-PC government in the West are too decent or too stupid to cut the funding of their ideological opponents when in power — such as NGOs. Of course, when this becomes the norm politics goes tribal. The tribe that wins the elections gives all the government money and jobs to its supporters, and denies its opponents anything. This often happens in Africa, and then what follows is “one man one vote, once” — because the tribe in power cannot afford to lose power. Shame that it’s trending this way in the West.

The Muslims do the  same thing when they conquer a place. Yes, you don’t have to be a Muslim they say — but all the non-Muslims have to pay a special tax. Ahhh, think as we tell you or we penalize you economically.

hat-tip Stephen Neil