Théâtre Syrien

Théâtre Syrien, by Srdja Trifkovic.

False flags work if they are supported by the perpetrator-friendly media.

The Maine 1898, the Lusitania 1915, the Reichstag 1933, the Sender Gleiwitz 1939, the Gulf of Tonkin 1964, the Bosnian Muslim stage-managed atrocities in the 1990’s, Saddam’s WMDs in 2003, and multiple “gas attacks” in Syria since 2013: These have one thing in common. No matter how transparent or clumsily presented, they will achieve their immediate effect if no debate and no critical analysis are allowed.

Any healthy skepticism of the majority — e.g., in France and Britain on the latest case of atrocity-management in Douma — can be disregarded, for as long as the dominant discourse remains under control. “The truth will come out,” eventually, but it does not matter; the wolf has eaten the donkey. …

The Deep State has scored another victory over Trump. The stunt at Douma came two days after he tweeted his intention to pull out from Syria, completely, as soon as possible.

Would Bannon have bombed Syria?

The US electorate voted by and large for Bannon’s policies, but got Trump. Sometimes the difference matters.

hat-tip Stephen Neil