Are modern schools omitting some inconvenient aspects of history?

Are modern schools omitting some inconvenient aspects of history? By Elizabeth Beare.

There is ‘scale’ required to see how distant some history may be to the current generation. But that’s why it’s called history.

All high school children should study the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Nazi Holocaust, and Revolution of Mao in China with its later abysmal Cultural Revolution, plus the French-influenced Communism in Vietnam that ‘flowered’ in the Year Zero of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. A simple week on each would do it if necessary. And if schools are not doing it, then do it around the dinner table with your children.

The execution of Queen Marie Antoinette

The lesson of history is that communist and other totalitarian societies always end with economic misery, gulags, secret police, a population turned upon itself, and eventually, piles of bodies.

What on earth is in the history curriculum today now that Marxists control it and teach the teachers?