Ulster University withdraws status from Prof Richard Lynn

Ulster University withdraws status from Prof Richard Lynn, by the BBC.

Ulster University has withdrawn the emeritus title from psychology professor Richard Lynn.

Prof Lynn taught at UU and some of his work has proved controversial. He has argued that people from east Asia have a higher average IQ than Europeans and that men have a higher average IQ than women.

“Professor Richard Lynn does not work for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching.” …

In February, the university’s students’ union called on UU to end its association with the psychology professor. The union passed a motion alleging that Prof Lynn advocates views that are “racist and sexist in nature”.

Fair enough.  In these enlightened times we cannot have science getting in the way of feelings. (Irony alert.)

Richard Lynn, Cultural Marxism, and the War on Objective Science, by Andrew Joyce.

Richard Lynn is one of very few academics whose impact on their discipline is such that the field could scarcely be discussed without referring to him. …

Lynn’s research argued the case for the existence of race and sex differences in intelligence, and in The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement (2011) Lynn crossed firmly into forbidden territory by offering an evidence-based study of the Jewish IQ. …

Coverage of Lynn’s work often featured in the BBC, a large number of high-circulation international newspapers and, perhaps inevitably, in the “extremist files” of the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.

Lynn’s work also remains the byword for all that the Left hates about objective science.

Richard Lynn`s THE GLOBAL BELL CURVE—The Explanation That Fits The Facts, by Philippe Rushton.

Richard Lynn`s new book The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ and Inequality Worldwide builds on Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray`s The Bell Curve. Its subject: whether the same type of racial hierarchy in IQ and socio-economic status that Herrnstein and Murray documented in the US is present in other parts of the world. Its answer: yes.

In The Bell Curve, Herrnstein and Murray found that the average IQ for African Americans (85) is lower than for Hispanic (89), White (103), East Asian (106), and Jewish Americans (113). In The Global Bell Curve, Lynn shows in detail that similar racial IQ/socio-economic hierarchies are indeed present within Africa, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Throughout the world, Europeans and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) average the highest IQs and socio-economic positions. The lowest averages are found among the Aborigines in Australia and in Africans and their descendants. Intermediate positions are occupied by the Amerindians, the South Asians from the Indian sub-continent, the Maori in New Zealand, and by the mixed race peoples in South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The same pattern is found on many other social and life history indicators, such as educational levels, earnings, health, accidents, crime, marriage, fertility, and mortality.

Cannot get much more anti-PC than that. And all based on mountains of objective tests too. Tsk tsk tsk.

The PC left just know that natural selection stopped 50,000 years ago, when modern humans started migrating out of Africa. They have faith. Evolution and natural selection for other species yes, humans no. (Another irony alert.)

hat-tip Philip Barton