South African farmers: protesters clash at Julie Bishop’s Perth office

South African farmers: protesters clash at Julie Bishop’s Perth office, by Andrew Burrell.

Opposing protesters almost came to blows outside Julie Bishop’s Perth office today as they hurled insults at each other over the plight of South African white farmers.

The Foreign Minister wasn’t there to accept a box carrying a petition signed by 50,000 people calling for a special intake of persecuted South African farmers, and a staffer only agreed to open the electorate office front door after a police request.

The petition was organised by the nationalist Australian Liberty Alliance, whose 50 supporters at the rally sang the national anthem, waved Australian flags and carried placards reading “Let the Right Ones In”.

A group of about 50 protesters backed by radical left-wing group Antifa stood on the other side of the street accusing the ALA of racism.

“Muslims are welcome, racists are not, Nazi scum off our streets,” they chanted.

Controversial Melbourne activist Avi Yemini, who led the ALA rally … “We have the data — the data tells us that white South Africans who are being persecuted right now in their homeland will integrate perfectly.” …

A strong police presence helped to ensure the event was peaceful….

Antifa is an affiliation of far-left activists, including Socialist Alliance, who say they are prepared to sometimes resort to violence to silence far-right political views.