South Africa deaths reveal the real racists

South Africa deaths reveal the real racists, by Andrew Urban.

The critics of plans to offer asylum to white South African farmers are morally bankrupt and stupid to boot. Morally bankrupt because they pretend that the selection criteria is the colour of their skin, not the violent persecution waged against them with the encouragement of their own Government. And stupid because it is manufactured for attempted political point scoring which boomerangs back on them.

By failing to condemn — or even recognise — the violence and the persecution against that specific group of people in the current South African tragedy, these moral zeros are complicit in both. The irony is that it is they who are acting like racists, while busy calling Peter Dutton one, who, as a Minister, is exercising compassion on behalf of all Australians.

The left wants non-white immigrants and fewer whites to boost its votes Any non-European-white refugees will do, no matter the circumstances, their suitability, or their means of arrival.

hat-tip Stephen Neil