Race and IQ: Sam Harris Confronts the Echo Choir

Race and IQ: Sam Harris Confronts the Echo Choir, by Al Fin.

As long as author and provocateur Sam Harris only attacked Christians, violent Muslims, and Donald Trump, he was mostly left alone by the curtained overlords of politically correct public discourse.

Sam Harris

But now that Harris has begun discussing the taboo topic of “race and IQ,” he is coming face to face with the dark side of the far left echo choir, which has controlled most public conversation in the US since at least the 1990s. Harris made the “mistake” of holding an honest and respectful dialogue with Charles Murray, author of the controversial book of scholarship, “The Bell Curve.”

In this case, the particular echo choir tenor to attack Harris is Ezra Klein of Vox. When the echo choir attacks someone, unless the target immediately submits and recants, the choir aims to destroy the person body and soul.

Ezra Klein

Sam Harris is bright and coherent, but he is naive. Harris himself wields a cutting and sarcastic voice against many targets, but most of them are relatively soft targets, or otherwise not likely to retaliate. But when he opens an honest — though very mild and timid — discussion of scientific evidence into links between race and IQ, he unwittingly confronts an altogether different animal, one that will do anything at all to destroy its opponents.

Since the Vox hit the fan, Harris has tried to carry on an open and honest dialogue with Journolist founder Ezra Klein, but if Sam had done his homework on Klein and his fellow echo choir singers — and the underlying movement which Ezra Klein battles for — he would never expect a good faith interaction with Klein on any topic that touches upon the dogma of the radical left.

The left allows no dissent on this topic.

Anyone who breaks with the radical left’s talking points — in all their changing tortuosity — will be broken and ruined, if at all possible. Even if — as in Orwell’s 1984 — the sacred dogma changes from day to day, from moment to moment, any divergence from the dogma can result in severe penalties including outright blackballing and blacklisting. Careers are often ruined, sometimes with deadly outcomes. But the radical left journolisters could not care less about the unfortunate outcomes of their malicious, dishonest, and totally orchestrated attacks.

Until Harris wakes up to the true nature of the battle he has unwittingly found himself fighting in, he will be at a deadly disadvantage. If he believes his honest adherence to the rules of evidence and logic will earn him good faith treatment from Ezra Klein and the echo choir singers and journolist cabal, he is sadly mistaken.

These people will fight a malicious, totally scripted fight to take him down — unless he recants, and begins virtue signaling once again to the satisfaction of the overlords and gatekeepers.

Yet modern genetics is quickly unravelling the left’s position.