Queen Elizabeth lineage traced back to Prophet Mohamed

Queen Elizabeth lineage traced back to Prophet Mohamed, by The Australian.

Queen Elizabeth the first of Australia, in 1959

She might be the head of the Church of England with a bloodline that traces some of the greatest kings and queens in history, but Queen Elizabeth may also be a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohamed, according to researchers.

A Moroccan newspaper claims it has traced the Queen’s lineage back 40 generations, through English, Scottish and European royalty until it reaches the Muslim kings of Spain and, through them, to the founder of Islam.

The revelation, published in the Assahifa Al-Ousbouia newspaper, has been greeted with glee in the Muslim world, with some declaring: “Allah save the Queen!”

The claims may not be as outlandish as they seem. They were, in fact, first aired in Burke’s Peerage, Britain’s bible of aristocratic genealogy, back in 1986. …

David Starkey, the acclaimed British historian, said the theory was “not at all outlandish,” although it remained unproven.

hat-tip Stephen Neil