South Africans’ plea: bring our families to Australia

South Africans’ plea: bring our families to Australia, by Joe Kelly.

Peter Dutton has received a written request to fast-track a special quota of persecuted South African farmers and faces a broader push to overhaul existing visa rules to allow Australian residents to bring in family members from overseas if their lives are in jeopardy.

The Australian has also been informed by several government MPs that the Home Affairs Minister was present at informal talks following a partyroom meeting on March 27 in which some MPs discussed options to take between 5000 and 10,000 persecuted South African farmers.

West Australian Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, who has thrown his support behind a special ­humanitarian intake of persec­uted South Africans, yesterday forwarded to Mr Dutton a letter written on behalf of South ­Africans living in Australia. …

The letter, written by community spokesman Arno Nel, whose own parents were attacked in Pretoria five years ago, calls on the government to make broader changes to the visa system in ­addition to providing humanitarian assistance to families still living in South Africa.

hat-tip Stephen Neil