Antifa to bring violence to Perth, outside Julie Bishop’s WA office

Antifa to bring violence to Perth, outside Julie Bishop’s WA office, by Andrew Burrell.

Police are worried about the potential for violence outside Julie Bishop’s Perth office when members of a militant left group and a far-right political party hold simultaneous rallies sparked by debate over the plight of South Africa’s white farmers.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will present a petition with 50,000 signatures to the Foreign Minister at 10.30am Friday urging her to support calls for persecuted South African farmers to be allowed to settle in Australia.

The party says there is “genocide” occurring in South Africa and Australia should accept the “right” African refugees rather than those who bring crime, a hostile ideology and welfare abuse.

In response, socialist group Antifa has organised its own “non-violent” rally at Ms Bishop’s office in Subiaco to protest against the ALA and to “make it clear that our communities will not co-operate with [Home Affairs Minister] Peter Dutton’s racist agenda”.

Antifa is an affiliation of far-left activists who say they are prepared to resort to violence to silence far-right political views. …

Antifa accused the 2000 people who attended a rally in support of South African white farmers in Perth on Sunday of being “white nationalists”.

The petition is here.

hat-tip Stephen Neil