Australian Liberal Party in Turmoil on Immigration

Australian Liberal Party in Turmoil on Immigration, by Judith Sloan. The annual number of permanent ­migrants is currently 190,000 a year.

Peter Dutton proposed cutting the migrant intake in meetings late last year with his Cabinet colleagues, including Morrison. A lower figure of 170,000 was considered. But the outcome was that the committee, in its wisdom, decided to retain the intake as planned. There is no doubt Malcolm Turnbull, for reasons that are not entirely clear, is firmly ­opposed to any cut to the number of permanent migrants. …

There are some “wets” in the ministry and others on the backbench who are also dead against cutting the migrant intake. They include members whose seats have large migrant populations. Note the new temporary grandparent visa has been a sop for those members. But note that migrants don’t necessarily support large migrant intakes — it’s a case of “pull up the ladder” for many.

The reality is the Turnbull government has two chances to win the next election: do something dramatic about electricity prices and cut the immigration program.

hat-tip Stephen Neil