There Is Another

There Is Another, by David Archibald.

Mr Turnbull’s moral failings are sufficient to justify their own website which lists them under the heading “Why Malcolm Turnbull is a Dangerous Leftist Ideologue”. …

Mr Abbott is too stupid to think for himself but insists on doing so, and thus absurdities like the Paid Parental Leave Scheme. And if you think loyalty is a virtue that leaders should have, his reneging on 18C was another kick in the guts to those who had supported him. Mr Abbott could become leader again but it would have to be like King John at Runnymede – signing up to a list of things that would be done, hell or high water, and he wouldn’t be able to betray the conservative base this time. …

That’s all very well and amusing but do we have to have Abbott again to lead us out of the darkness? He had his go and it was amateur hour. In the words of Yoda, there is another.

Craig Kelly may not have initiated the Monash Forum but he is its leader and reasoned, sensible public voice, filling the leadership vacuum on the conservative side of politics. Apart from being a good bloke, he is a tabula rasa upon which we can project our hopes and dreams of sensible policies, balanced budgets and other good things that we dimly remember as having had once. In your prayers, beseech God to make the unspotted and unblemished Craig Kelly our next Prime Minister. Then we can sleep soundly knowing the Nation is in good hands.

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