South African farmers: thousands rally in Perth to show support

South African farmers: thousands rally in Perth to show support, by Victoria Laurie.

A large vocal rally in Perth heard today that persecuted South African farmers should be allowed to enter Australia under special conditions due to the “black apartheid” being imposed by the new South African president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Around 2000 protesters held white crosses, some bearing the names of relatives who died on their farms, and placards like ‘Save my farming grandparents.’

They marched around a city block before being addressed by Federal Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and Ian Goodenough, who received a letter to pass on to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. …

The Perth midday rally, one of several being held around Australia, was addressed by South African-born rally organiser and Brisbane mortgage broker Arno Nel whose 66-year-old parents were stripped naked, tied to chairs with phone cables and tortured for three hours. …

“Political correctness is not going to prevent us from saying what needs to be said,” he told the cheering crowd.

hat-tip Stephen Neil