Genocide in South Africa: two ways of looking at this tragedy but only one of them can be expressed

Genocide in South Africa:  two ways of looking at this tragedy but only one of them can be expressed. By Rod Liddle.

Even back then — this was 2011 — white farmers were being driven from their land by the blacks and fleeing to Zambia, or the UK, while senior members of the ANC demanded the spilling of Boer blood. …

The non-PC view:

By this point the ANC was well on its way to reducing a country which, during apartheid, was easily the richest on the continent south of the Sahel (and afforded its black citizens the highest average wage and longest life expectancy in Africa) into a typically corrupt, massively useless, vicious and racist one-party state which is on the verge of civil war and where the blacks are worse off than ever and the whites are being murdered or evicted. …

I believe something similar happened next door in Zimbabwe, no? Still, at least in both countries the black majority are in charge of their destinies and that fact necessarily trumps every other. There’s nothing quite like white liberal self-flagellation to create misery for all races — it’s worse, in its effects, than colonialism. Incidentally, virtually nobody inhabited the Karoo before whitey got there. The Afrikaaners have at least as much right to the territory as the people who have taken it off them.

The PC view:

The plight of the South African whites does not much bother us these days. They’ve got their comeuppance, the bastards, is the approved view. We prefer to agonise about the real or supposed privations of people who fit into our expedient political worldview: the Rohingya, the Palestinians, the black Africans.

hat-tip Stephen Neil