Australia: Murder charges dropped against Muslim who stabbed two people to death while screaming “Allahu akbar

Australia: Murder charges dropped against Muslim who stabbed two people to death while screaming “Allahu akbar”.

Recall that two people in Townsille, Queensland, in September 2016 by were killed by a Muslim in a knife attack (that he is Muslim is relevant because he was yelling “Allahu akbar” at the time).

Tom Jackson, 30, from Congleton, Cheshire, was critically injured when he tried to help Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, as she was stabbed to death last Tuesday, allegedly by 29-year-old Frenchman Smail Ayad.

Murdered …

by this man, Smail Ayad.

The media, as ever, tried to say it had nothing to do with the religion of peace — just yet another “mentally disturbed” Muslim killing us. As we commented at the time:

A political ideology of Muslim superiority enabled him to take out his frustration on non-Muslims in the currently approved manner … with a knife attack. Too great a coincidence to overlook. No direct links to ISIS, but that’s not the point — as long as authorities continue to treat these jihad attacks as separate criminal acts with no necessary relationship to one another, instead of as incidents in a long cultural war, we will continue to lose.

Now even the murder charges against Smail Ayad have been dropped:

Smail Ayad, 30, dragged British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, from her bed at the hostel, in the state’s north, and stabbed her multiple times in August 2016.

He killed her and another Brit – 30-year-old Tom Jackson – but on Thursday, criminal charges against Ayad were dropped and he was sent to a mental health facility. …

He claimed to have no or limited memory of the attack, which reportedly started when he yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’.

But terrorism was ruled out as a motive for the attack after he was found by psychiatrists to be of ‘unsound mind’.

Robert Spencer:

Smail Ayad is just another manifestation of the global outbreak of mental illness, you see. Nothing to see here. Go back to sleep, you kuffar. This was just an attack by a “mentally unstable Frenchman.” Happens all the time. …

Police have said that Smail Ayad had “no extremist motive,” despite screaming “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed Mia Ayliffe-Chung to death. They said he had unrequited love for Ms. Ayliffe-Chung, and that drove him to murder.

But Ayad also “said he wants to kill everybody.” Did he have unrequited love for everybody? He became “extremely violent” and attacked police; did he have unrequited love for the police? He stabbed Thomas Jackson multiple times in the face, chest and stomach; did he have unrequited love for Thomas Jackson?

Australian authorities doubtless dismissed any terrorism connection because Ayad had no ties to terror groups. What they missed, they missed because they refuse to consider Islam in their studies of terrorism.

Ayad shows the tendency among Muslims to react with a murderous rage that they associate with religious fervor when they are denied, frustrated, rejected. Is it really wise for Australia or any other country to import large numbers of people who believe that Allah will punish Infidels by their hands (cf. Qur’an 9:14) and that therefore, if they believe an Infidel has wronged them, may decide to become executors of the divine wrath?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil